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07 Jul

The Weird Warrior World of Dragonball Z

The international phenomenon known as Dragonball Z is known for its fast and frenetic fights and over-the-top violence. Despite coming out in Japan in the late 80s, you can still find DBZ on Funimation and many other major channels offered through services like http://www.cable.tv/ and the like - it's pretty much everywhere. And probably the only thing more celebrated than the violence in this sprawling series is the weird and wacky warriors.

Listed below are some of the more remarkable (and strange) warriors of DBZ:

Tenshinhan is a member of a fictional race of warriors called the Three-Eyed clan. As the name suggests, he has a third eye on his forehead which remains ever-open and ever-vigilante. He can also grow two extra arms out of his back when the need arises.

He is a member of a fictional alien race known as the Nameks. As such, he possesses a wide array of extraordinary abilities including flight, super strength, speed and the ability to inflate and grow in muscle mass on a whim. Oh, and he's also green with Spock-like ears and two goofy alien antennas on his forehead.

Son Goku
The main character of the DBZ franchise, one of the most remarkable traits about him is his ability to transform into an enormous, super-powered ape whenever the moon is full.
16 May

Top Ten Dragonball Z Attack Moves

Dragonball Z contains many memorable attack moves. Below are the top ten: 10. Haretsu no Majo: Babidi used this move to make people explode. 9. Big Bang Attack. This move is Vegeta's speciality. It's his Super Sayain move that focuses Ki into a big blast. 8. Body Change: Captain Ginyu uses this attack, which allows him to switch bodies with his opponent. He used this move on Goku after his opponent inflicted a lot of damage. 7. Death Ball: Frieza shoots this ball of energy out of his fingertips. 6. Energy Kyushu: Androids 19 and 20 use this move, which allows them to absorb energy from their opponents. The source of this power is in the red balls in their palms. 5. Kamehameha: It's Goku's trademark attack. It's a big blast of ki that's directed to hit opponents. 4. Galick-Ho: This is Vegeta's move. It's very similar to the Kamehameha, but it requires both palms to release the blast. 3. Spirit Bomb: Goku absorbs energy from the surrounding life forces and forms a ball of power that he throws at his opponents. 2. Fire Breath: Dabura shoots a big flame at his opponents. 1. Kakusanyudokodan: This is Piccolo's special. It creates bolts of ki which surround and explode simultaneously around his target.
25 Mar

The Most Powerful Dragonball Z Character

Choosing the most powerful Dragonball Z character can be difficult. This depends on what saga you are watching. Over the course of the series, many different characters rise and fall as the most powerful character. On several occasions, the most powerful character is the enemy they are fighting.

The most consistently powerful character in Dragonball Z is Goku. Goku can be considered the main character of the Dragonball and Dragonball Z series. Goku is a member of the powerful race called Saiyans. This allows him to be stronger than any human featured on the show. Through most of the series, Goku uses his increasing power to save the planet and his friends.

Near the end of the Dragonball Z series, Goku's son Gohan surpasses his father as the most powerful character. Gohan reaches new heights of power in his battle against Cell. Goku knows only his son can become powerful enough to defeat Cell. This results in a heated battle between Goku and Cell. Goku tries to keep Cell occupied long enough for Gohan to become angry, allowing Gohan to reach new levels of power. Eventually Gohan is able to defeat Cell. This secures his place as the most powerful character in Dragonball Z.
28 Jul

The History Of The Dragonball Z Cartoons

One of the most popular cartoon among kids is Dragon-ball Z. For people who are not familiar with Dragon-ball Z lets discuss the plot, settings, themes and what it is all about. The main character Goku trains in martial arts then the story becomes based on a search for seven mythical orbs which are called Dragon-balls. With the power of the Dragon-balls, one can call upon a powerful dragon who can make wishes come true. While Goku is on his journey he has to battle many different other characters along the way to keep pushing forward for the Dragon-balls. The original air date for the show was from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s. Along the way and also after these productions there has been as many as 20 films produced about this cartoon. The movie Dragon-ball Evolution which Fox produced after getting the right in 2002 was a bomb of a movie when it was released in 2009. So now you can see why since the release of this cartoon how it became the most popular anime cartoon ever. This is a cartoon that has entertained kids for years from Japan to the United States and all over the world.
13 Jul

The Biggest Heroes On Dragonball Z

Of all the exciting characters that the Dragon Ball Z series has, the ultimate hero in any world or universe will always be the leader, Goku. In almost every fight, Goku is seen coming out on top. Even with the power of the dragon balls bringing characters back to life, Goku has the ability to save the world nonetheless. Every move he makes, always will such determination and strength in his words, gives out more power than that of thousands of heroes combined.

Coming in second, a huge hero and ex-villain, Vegeta reigns supreme. He not only fights with the same anger he had as a villain, but he now uses it to try and one-up the epic Goku. Vegeta is not the only bad guy who switched over, but he is the most powerful. His training sometimes even takes him a step ahead of Goku physically, but his mental capacity is not one to match that of Goku.

With all of our other amazing heroes, Goku's own son Gohan is also one to step up and be an awesome hero. Trunks, the son of Vegeta and Bulma, also hits the top. With all of these heroes, and their ability to become Super Saiyan's, the world has nothing to fear.
28 Jun

The Biggest Villains On Dragonball Z

Some of the most wicked villains in all of the Dragon Ball series come specifically during the Dragon Ball Z period. While many of these villains toppled even the strongest of heroes, they rarely stay on top for too long. Cell, the evil creation of Doctor Gero, is built with all the power of the strongest fighters. The fight between Goku and his companions lasted several blocks of episodes, with every one leaving the viewer with questions on who would come out on top.

Kid Buu is another top villain on the series. Being that he has the mind of a child, he has no moral standings when it comes to harming anyone. His goal is to be destructive, with no real reason or rhyme, leading him to be a perfect villain. After absorbing a few Supreme Kai's, he has the ability to topple anyone who stands in his path of destruction.

Being a super villain on Dragon Ball Z sometimes means you will end up joining with Goku and friends, but other times, it means the ultimate end of a very evil force. Villains like Nappa, Frieza, and Omega Shenron will always be on the loose, but powerful heroes will always be there to keep them in check.
13 Jun

The Best Season Of The Dragonball Z Cartoon

Dragon Ball Z has some of the most exciting fight scenes of any cartoon, considering some of the fights go on for several episodes. Of all the seasons in the Dragon Ball Z series, the best season could very well be the Cell Games Saga, titled Season 6. Perfect Cell, an even more brutal force that was stronger after consuming Android 17 and 18, announces that he would like to challenge Goku and his friends to a series of matches against him.

Goku is not ready, and the series continues with excessive training for everyone, including Goku and his son Gohan. Once the real fighting begins, it is clear that everyone is still not as strong as Cell and his minions, which he created from his tail. A big secret that Goku unveils is that Gohan is also a Super Saiyan, and this catapults the series into a new direction, making Gohan far more powerful than even Goku.

Many seasons of Dragon Ball Z showed amazing face-off's between good and evil, but the Cell Games Saga also brought the range of fighting to a new level. Super Saiyan fighting is far more advanced and exciting, making this an awesome season.
01 Jun

Dragonball Z Toys Children Will Love

Dragonball Z is a sequel to the original Japanese series Dragonball. The story follows Goku, who is now an adult. He and his friends fight against villans which include magical creatures and conquerers. The series ran from 1996 to 2003 and was a popular show for both children and adults. The popularity of the show spawned a collections of toys which are based on the Dragonball Z series.

Children who are fans of the show will love the action figures that feature each character from the series. There are nine characters that are available as action figures. They include Son Goku, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Krillan, Yamcha, Vegeta, Raditz, Napp, and Tien. They are pre-painted and made to capture their facial features, clothing, and weapons with great detail. The Dragonball Z figurines are Japanese imported and can be purchased online or in retail stores.

Dragonball Z playing cards are also a huge hit among Children. The cards feature all their favorite Dragonball Z characters in different poses and stances. Children will have a great time playing with them, admiring them, and collecting them. The cards are made of excellent quality and detail and come with fifty two cards in a deck.
28 May

Dragonball Z Merchandise Every Collector Should Have

With a love for Dragon Ball Z inevitably comes a love for the wide array of merchandise available for it. Products produced involving Dragon Ball Z include action figures, stylized tee shirts and costumes.
When it comes to merchandise involving the popular TV show, none is more popular than the action figures produced by both Japan and The United States. Almost every character from every saga has been produced and were made with pitch perfect accuracy. Figures to choose from include Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Trunks, and even secondary characters like Krillin and Chi-Chi.
Also popular for the Dragon Ball Z fan that wants to display their love for the show in public is their line of tee shirts. These stylized shirts come in a wide array of colors with one or multiple characters represented.
Lastly, mega fans of the show that want to dress up for Halloween as their favorite character are in luck as well. Many different costumes for the show exist including everyone's favorite characters.
When it comes to Dragon Ball Z, nothing is more fun than collecting merchandise and displaying ones love for such a great show. Those mentioned above, as well as many others, are available now!
25 May

The Biggest Storylines On Dragonball Z

The Biggest Storylines in Dragon Ball Z

First up is the ever popular battle of Goku vs. Frieza, which took a whooping 20 episodes (about half as long in DBZ Kai). At first it starts out like any other fight in DBZ with Goku and Frieza going back and forth dealing damage. The first half even throw in some comical moments in the style of DB (Goku biting Frieza's tail, blowing on his hands after catching an energy blast). But after Krillin dies, Goku turns into a Super Saiyan for the first time and get becomes an epic throw down.

Then there's the Cell Games, especially when Gohan is made to face Cell. His reaching Super Saiyan Level 2 and saving his friends from the Cell Jr. is one of the most badass moments in all of Z. There's Goku's sacrifice to save Earth, and then the epic finale, which even tries to be a team effort for a change.

Finally, there's the battle with the Kid Buu. Able to do anything and everything, Kid Buu defeats all comers one after they other as the heroes struggle to keep it from destroying the very universe. It takes help from a surprising source (and a number of cameos) to finally destroy the little monster.

Which is The Biggest? You decide.
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